About Us

Founded in 2021, Leur Soie was created to not only make the getting ready process easier but to ensure that those using our products feel glamorous at all stages of the getting ready and unready process.

After years of battling with makeup stains on shirts after changing outfits countless times (too many to name) our Co-Founder Bronte decided it was time to shake up the beauty space and introduce a product which is good for your clothes, your skin, your hair and the environment. After many design sessions with her partner and Co-Founder Alexander in toe the pair finally landed on a design for the product and the rest is history! 

Leur Soie's goal is to create products which you know and love and you can rely on daily to ensure your getting ready routine is stress free. Our unique products are made from 100% pure silk (*unless stated otherwise) ensuring that they are safe for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

For those that love the journey as much as the finished product, Leur Soie reimagines how you get ready. Created with you in mind, feel fresh and stay glamorous.