The Skin Benefits of Silk

The Skin Benefits of Silk

In our opinion, silk is a small luxury that has big benefits. We've gone over those benefits when it comes to hair however what are the benefits of silk when it comes to your skin?

Firmer Skin

Bye, bye, Botox! Thanks to the tightly woven, smooth fibers of silk it helps to keep moisture close to the skin. Silk will keep your skin much more hydrated than cotton so it's a great resource for those of us with dry skin. As a bonus, hydrated, plump skin shows fewer fine lines. Yes please! 

Clearer Skin

Silk is a natural fibre that does not clog your pours, win! This means it's really healthy for your skin. Although it's not the end-all for acne prevention it is a great step to add into your skincare routine. Think of it as a serum or a moisturiser! 


Breathable Fabric

Silk is a very breathable, cooling fabric compared to other fabrics. This means there is often less of a build up of grime or oil which inturn means there is less grime and oil build up on your skin. 

So there you have it, ditch the botox and the 12 step skincare routine and make silk a step in your day to day routine!


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