How To: Wash Your Veil

How To: Wash Your Veil

Although silk has great antibacterial properties it's very important to wash your veil on a regular basis to ensure that it is working its magic to its fullest potential. 

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Veil?

It is recommend that you wash your veil every (insert amount on packaging) uses to ensure optimal use. Alternatively, if you notice product build up on your veil ensure to wash to keep in tip top shape!

How Should You Wash Your Veil?

The most important thing when washing your silk products is to ensure that you are using cold water to wash the products. As silk is a natural fibre easily effected by temperature the products can shrink or become disfigured under warmer conditions. 

Wash Bag

If you are washing your Leur Soie products in the washing machine it is recommended to wash them in a Leur Soie Washbag or alternative delicates bag.

Gentle Soap

As this is such a gentle fabric it's important to use a suitable gentle soap. It's particularly important to ensure you are not using a detergent that doesn't include bleach or any nasty enzymes that will damage the silk. 

Air Dry

After washing your products it's important to not tumble dry, all Leur Soie products are recommended to be air dried flat to ensure the product does not lose shape. 

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