The Hair Benefits of Silk

The Hair Benefits of Silk

We all want smooth, frizz free hair whether it be when we wake up or when we've just finished styling it, is there anything worse than doing your hair and 10 minutes later it's back to how it was when you started?! Luckily for you, we have all of the secrets to keep your hair looking its best thanks to the wonders of SILK! Here are the top 5 benefits this wonder fabric has on your hair. 

No More Frizz!

Thanks to silks natural properties, including its smooth surface, your hair is going through less friction when using silk products. Whether it be a pillow case when you sleep or one of our Beauty Bands while getting ready and unready your hair will thank you. Friction can lead to split ends, knotting and that dreaded frizz we all love to hate.

Hair Hold Up

Picture this, you've just spent hours mastering the art of using your Dyson Airwrap before swooping your perfect blow wave up into a claw clip to beat your face to the gods. Fast forward 45 minutes (more like an hour and a half), you've transformed, you let your hair out of the clawclip and it's ruined. Nightmare, disaster, night over, you get the picture. Now all of this could've been avoided with the use of silk! While other fabrics like cotton snag your hair, hairstylists have long used silk to ensure the hold up hairdos like perms, blow outs and braids for longer without added frizz or stress. So in other words, you need a Leur Soie Beauty Band!

Promotes Healthy Hair 

I don't know anyone who doesn't want healthy hair, I know for me I will never forget the day that my hairdresser gave me the hard word to stop using supermarket shampoo (neither did my bank account - but it was for the best). However I never knew the positive effects silk also has on your hair.  Silk keeps your hair hydrated, which encourages stronger, longer, hair. While cotton can be known to absorb your hair’s natural moisture and oils, silk helps hydration and encourages your hair’s natural movement. If you suffer from dry strands or scalp irritation, the use of silk on your hair will be the gift that keeps on giving. 

So there you have it, the use of silk not only leaves your hair looking good for longer but it also promotes healthier hair. What's not to love?!

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