Why Silk, Why NOT Satin?

Why Silk, Why NOT Satin?

The age old question, silk or satin? And by age old I mean since about 2012 when we really started learning the benefits of silk, mainly starting with us ditching our cotton pillow cases for silk and down the track our surgical masks for silk masks. Since then the question stands, which is better? Silk or satin?

How it's Made

Although silk and satin are woven in a similar way the main difference in the fabrics is the fabric used. Satin is woven using a polyester or other synthetic materials. Silk on the otherhand is woven with a natural fibre created by silk worms making it more breathable. 

How it Feels

As a lot of us know, satin and silk can feel quite similar to as a whole, however, silk is much more tightly woven which results in its light weight, soft feel. In some instances satin can feel slightly more course due to the fabric it's woven from. Due to silk being a natural fibre it has more properties which can benefit your skin and hair more than what satin can. 


How it Benefits You 

An important thing to consider is how each fabric is going to benefit you and your personal needs. If you are looking to keep super healthy hair or improve your skin, silk is a great option. Due to the natural fibres of silk it's super adaptable to the environment and can assist in regulating your temperature. Unfortunately satin does not have these same benefits however it is a more cost effective option and still enjoys a luxurious look and feel. 

At the end of the day the fabric which you prefer is complete personal preference however in our opinion, silk, when it comes to your face and hair in particular, is a great investment!

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